Drivers – How it Works


In order for the app to provide value, a driver (or driver’s peer group) should drive repeat routes and let the app monitor driving in order to build up a history of driving activity. Most drivers will remain on the default monitoring and map screen. This screen displays the driver’s current location on a map, monitors driving for harsh braking, and displays prior harsh braking markers and clusters. Some drivers may change the detection sensitivity or occasionally clear the sudden braking history.

1. This application samples accelerometer and GPS data of the phone to detect when and where sudden deceleration occurs. No additional hardware is required.

2. When sudden deceleration occurs, the location is logged, an alert is displayed, and a map marker of the location is shown.

3. A map is displayed with history is displayed to drivers. On future drives, where the driver drives through a road segment where there are map markers or clusters of prior sudden stops, the display encourages drivers to average their speed or “coast” through that strip.

The hard stop detection sensitivity and prior hard stops display selection can be changed in the settings. The hard stop history can be reset at any time.