Coaster for Fleet Vehicle Managers

Sudden Deceleration History Sharing Across Fleets

Fleets drivers often drive repeat routes or routes within the same territory. Coaster can be useful in learning where sudden stop clusters are within those repeat routes and those driving zones. In one fleet vehicle safety study which included sharp braking as a data point, the accident claim frequency of a fleet equipped with telematics devices decreased by almost one third.

Current telematics functionality focuses on frequency of sudden stops. Coaster adds to  fleet telematics data by tying sudden stops to locations, enabling visualization of stop clusters, enabling driver behavior change or routing adjustments. Individually, the history can be helpful for the regular route driver,  a substitute driver for that route, or when onboarding a new driver to that route. At the fleet or sub-fleet level, the drivers’ history can be shared across the fleet in order to provide higher value.

The abrupt braking history of all drivers within a fleet or sub-fleet are shared. More particularly, once a unique “Group ID” is added, abrupt braking events are shared across that fleet so that driver events are shared and clustered across the fleet and available to the fleet administrator.

Setup and Operation